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MAY 17, 2010

Bosom Buddies launches it's new website

About Us

Bosom Buddies, which is a section 21 company, was established in April 2002 in conjunction with several corporates and organisations to educate the public on breast cancer and breast health, increase awareness and empower women.

Traditionally women in Africa have been seen as the heart and soul of the family. By ensuring their health by educating them it perpetuates a mindset of health education that moves on to children as well as husbands and partners.

The aim is to put to rest myths surrounding breast cancer and to have an open forum where women feel that they can come forward with their problems.


Our Mission

The Breast Health Foundation’s mission is to be achieved through the promotion of a multi-disciplinary approach to breast cancer specifically via the establishment of a “BREAST CANCER CHAIN OF SURVIVAL

*   Early awareness of the disease
*   Early access to both information and appropriate awareness
*   Early support
*   Early diagnostic intervention
*   Early definitive care
*   Early and ongoing analysis of care

This concept originates from the CARDIAC CHAIN OF SURVIVAL as promoted by the American Heart Association World Resuscitation Council and the Southern African Resuscitation Council.